Qube CMS (Content Management System) PHP CMS

Qube CMS (Content Management System) helps you to make your website : Simple, Secure, flexible, extensible and Seo Friendly.

Create new themes within minutes.

Qube CMS is the great choice for designers, developers and users - whether you are a beginner, advanced person or geek. Try it yourself and Qube Content Management System will match all your needs!
Qube CMS offers a little different functionality than other PHP Based CMS or require tons of work to have. Features are as follows:

1) Eye catching UI
2) User Friendly (no Disneyland)
3) Easiest CMS to Theme ever. (Non-coders Designers can easily theme)
4) Qube Cms is made in core php. (No special CMS standards in-case you want to add new functionality by coding in core php code. It is made in a way so that any php developer will be easily able to amend the existing code and match its requirements.)
5) As it is made in Core PHP you are free to make use of Qube PHP Script (Login, change password, forgot password, etc) in your PHP Code.